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Computer Applications in Education

Monday, January 5, 2009

Computer Applications in Education


Computers are used in a variety of ways in the educational field. Computers can be used in school management such as budget, inventory, student records, communications, library circulation, and library public access catalog.

Learning and Instruction

Computer applications can be used in education for learning and for instruction. Instruction and learning can be divided into two major areas, teacher-centered instruction and student-centered learning.

Teacher-centered instruction examined the computer as the object of instruction as well as a tool of instruction and the management of instruction. It is subdivided into the categories of computer literacy, CAI, CMI, and design of teaching materials.

Student-centered learning views the computer as a tool for the student to use to create, access, retrieve, manipulate, and transmit information in order to solve a problem. Understanding the concept of the computer as an information tool relies on accepting the fact that the computer is a productivity tool for the student and the teacher alike.

Educational Research

Computers are used widely in educational research. Educational research includes functions relating to information gathering and processing. The teacher/researcher may examine student performance data in new and revealing ways. Bibliographic citations of studies performed by educators around the world can be acquired and perused from the desktop computer.


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